The DuBois Fellowship is a year-long program, in which 10-12 selected participants attend seven (7) sessions throughout the year. The sessions focus on a range of topics that include professional development, education, economic development, the arts, personal branding, financial empowerment, and more. Participants are also paired with a mentor who will assist in the development and execution of the participant’s goals, all while better cultivating their leadership skills.

The class is selected by a review committee that accesses each candidate’s current profession, socioeconomic background, age, and overall perspective. Candidates must be 21 years of age and older and should already be actively involved or looking to become more involved in the community. Most importantly, candidates should have a passion for moving the Columbia, SC region forward and a willingness to serve as avid ambassadors of our growing region.

2023 DuBois Fellows

Xavier L. Spann

Ashley Elmore

Johnnie Felder

Raven Freeman-Sims

DiJahne McPherson

Jaheem McLaurin

Heather Wallace

Amelia Wilks

Kayla Williams